testingpodcast.com – Completed back catalog of AB Testing

I am happy to say that testingpodcast.com has caught up to the most recent episode of Alan Page and Brent Jensen’s AB Testing podcast. The most recent episode is number 63.

When I add a new podcast to the site, I ask the owners whether I should just start with the most recent episode or work may way through the back catalog. Often, I find the back catalog to still be relevant and like to start at the beginning. When I started to post episodes of AB Testing, in August 2016, Alan and Brent were on Episode 42.

Thanks to Alan and Brent for allowing me to aggregate their podcast as part of the testingpodcast.com feed.


testingpodcast.com – 1200+ posts and growing

testingpodcast.com – the podcast aggregation site on the subject of testing I run – celebrated it’s 1,200 post last week. I try not to post more than one podcast a day and typically only post on workdays. As such, it takes about 20 weeks to post 100 times. Looking at the posts from March 2017 thru June 2017:

As always, please let me know if you have any suggestions for podcasts to add.