July 2017 mensming Twitter Posts

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Jul 31
Windows switch to Git almost complete: 8,500 commits and 1,760 builds each day – https://t.co/htFfWX2ekr

Jul 24
Finished reading Think-Engage-Thrive: Marketing Actions To Skyrocket Your Brand… by Philip Masiello – https://goo.gl/QLWE7Z

Jul 22
Conenza is hiring – Recruiting Bandwidth Job Posting for UI Developer: https://t.co/RXgq965lrS

Jul 19
Performance bugs – the dark matter of programming bugs – https://www.forwardscattering.org/post/49

Jul 11
Finished reading “The Founder’s Dilemmas” by Noam Wasserman – https://t.co/ptiCWhOs84

Jul 3
Finished reading – The Mindful Entrepreneur by Joel Gerschman, et. al. – https://t.co/BPVwgBMoYb


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