Apps, Widgets and Gadgets Links from July 2012 Software Engineering Notes

The following links were published in the July 2012 ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes in the "Surfing the Net for Software Engineering Notes" by Mark Doernhoefer. This issues topic was apps, widgets and gadgets.


2015 PNSQC Conference Summary

The Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC) had published the conference summary. Here you can access the conference proceedings, slides and selected videos from the conference.

Some worthwhile links:


November 2015 testingpodcast Twitter Posts

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Nov 30
Posted to – TestCast 2.02 Changing the testing conversation –

Nov 29
Posted to – Let’s Talk About Tests, Baby Ep 5: Giving up the keys to the gate –

Nov 27
Posted to – Let’s Talk About Tests, Baby Ep 4: Are we human, or are we tester? –

Nov 26
Posted to – Test Talks 79: Todd Gardner: Terrible Testing –

Nov 25
Posted to – PerfBytes News Of The Damned 10-5-2015 –

Nov 24
Posted to – Testing In The Pub Episode 22 – Mobbing And Pairing With Maaret Pyhajarvi –

Nov 23
Posted to – Let’s Talk About Tests, Baby Ep 3: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Standards –

Nov 20
Posted to – RBCS Webinar: Understanding White-box Coverage Metrics: 11/12/15 –

Nov 19
Posted to – Let’s Talk About Tests, Baby Episode two: Acceptance Criteria and You –

Nov 18
Posted to – PerfBytes Tools Of The Trade –

Nov 17
Posted to – Test Talks 78: Andy Tinkham: Schools of Testing –

Nov 16
Posted to – Let’s Talk About Tests, Baby Ep 1: It’s Scrum, Jim, but not as we know it –

Nov 9
Posted to – Test Talks 77: Vladimir Khorikov: Automating UI Test Using the White Framework –

Nov 3
Posted to – 76: Neil Suryanarayana: Automation Success Story at Physicians Mutual –


November 2015 mensming Twitter Posts

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Nov 25
The History of SQL Injection, the Hack That Will Never Go Away –

Nov 23
A 23-year-old Windows 3.1 system failure crashed Paris airport –

Nov 19
Corporations and OSS Do Not Mix –

Nov 17
Really? Must be poorly coded – Hello, I’m Mr. Null. My Name Makes Me Invisible to Computers –

Nov 12
GTAC 2015 Day Two Highlights & Summary – via @watirmelon

Nov 11
GTAC 2015 Day One Highlights – via @watirmelon

Nov 10
Why is Object-Oriented Programming Useful? (With a Role Playing Game Example) –

Nov 6
There was a time when I would have been excited about a new version of OS/2 –

Nov 5
Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) 2015 Thread Report –

Nov 2
Crypto is For Everyone—and American History Proves It –