New Podcast on – Let’s Talk About Tests, Baby

On the website I maintain, I recently added a new podcast – Let’s Talk About Tests, Baby.

This podcast by Gem Hill has 28 episodes as of this writing – with new episodes aimed at once a week.

I have started posting episodes from the very beginning. Since I try not to post more than once per day on the site (a new podcast file to listen to requires more time commitment than reading a short post), it will take me some time to catch up. Especially with the other podcasts posting new episodes. Of special note, the first eleven episodes were published so that only episode 2 is able to be loaded from the RSS feed.


“Your Questions Answered Here” Links from September 2015 Software Engineering Notes

The following links were published in the September 2015 ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes in the "Surfing the Net for Software Engineering Notes" by Mark Doernhoefer. This issues topic was "Your Questions Answered Here".


October 2015 testingpodcast Twitter Posts

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Oct 27
Posted to – Test Talks 75: Michael Sage: Continuous Performance Testing with BlazeMeter –

Oct 19
Posted to – Test Talks 74: 5 Things Your Manager Doesn’t Understand about Test Automation –

Oct 12
Posted to – Test Talks 73: Sahaswaranamam Subramanian: Continuous Delivery Automation –

Oct 5
Posted to – Test Talks 72: Neil Mansilla: Runscope – Monitoring APIs from the Shower –

Oct 2
Posted to – RBCS Webinar: Developing a Test Team: 10/1/15 –


October 2015 mensming Twitter Posts

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Oct 29
How things come to be – The tragicomic history of CSS color names –

Oct 26
As a hiring manager, I agree with these 10 skills needed for most jobs –

Oct 20
Release notes for iOS ABC app – "Hired a mathematician to fix the ad counter" –

Oct 7
Links to 15 Free Books for People Who Code –

Oct 1
Upgrading to El Capitan but running Outlook 2011 for Mac? Beware –