Video Notes – Joshua Bixby interviewed at Velocity 2010

Marc Slocum Interviews Joshua Bixby
Joshua Bixby, President, Strangeloop Networks
2010 O’REILLY Velocity – Web Performance and Operations Conference
June 22 – 24, 2010
6 min, 43 sec

My Notes:

  • User expectations of mobile in terms of optimization
    • Very little data to answer scientifically
    • Long term need desktop and mobile site performance to come together
  • Need to collect the data before setting benchmarks
  • Acceleration and Business Benefits Research
    • Huge payback for performance improvement
  • Initial thing that a company should do
    • Set benchmarch and understand how user sees the site
    • Keep alives on
    • Compression on
  • Workshop
    • Analyzed Velocity home page
    • Made worse than reality and brought it to current then improved



Technical Debt Links from May 2012 Software Engineering Notes

The following links were published in the May 2012 ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes in the "Surfing the Net for Software Engineering Notes" by Mark Doernhoefer. This issues topic was technical debt.


Carl Robinson’s Five Fatal Flaws – How to derail your career

I have subscribed to Carl Robinson’s (Advanced Leadership Consulting) newsletter for some time. I was cleaning up some items and came across the newsletter from August 2007 with an article entitled "Five Fatal Flaws – How to derail your career". An online version of this article can be found at

Carl lists the five fatal flaws as:

  1. Inability to learn from mistakes
  2. Lack of core interpersonal skills and competencies
  3. Lack of openness to new or different ideas
  4. Lack of accountability
  5. Lack of initiative

I believe this list is spot on…


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