Velocity 2010: Philip Tellis, “Latency: Why You Should Worry and What Up You Can Do About It”

Latency: Why You Should Worry and What Up You Can Do About It
Philip Tellis, Yahoo! Inc.
2010 Velocity Conference
June 22-24, 2010
(15 min, 40 sec)

Here are my notes from watching the presentation:

  • Bandwidth is easy – It is not the problem…
  • Bandwidth vs. Latency – How bad is it?
  • More resources on a page, latency more of a problem
  • It’s Still the Latency, Stupid
  • Javascript adds latency

What to Do About Latency?

  • How did CPUs solve latency? Cache, Parallelise, Predict
  • These apply to the web as well…
  • Pre-fetch content is a way to predict

How to measure?

  • Announcing Boomerang
  • Measures page load time from the unload of the last page to this page is loaded
  • Measures bandwidth
  • Measures latency
  • Include a script on the page, include a beacon on your server to send the data…
  • BSD license


Bit values when using the perl XML::XMLtoDBMS package

For a project I am working on, we are using Ronald Bourret’s XML-DBMS package. We used it successfully on a different project and did not expect any issues. However, our source (MySQL) database on the new project contains columns of type bit(1). The generated XML file contained empty tags for columns containing bit values.

Turns out that the solution is similar to the solution for selecting bit values found in the MySQL 5.1 reference manual. In your mapping file, for the column definition, all you need to do is add a "+0" to the column name. Like this: <Column Name="columnName+0"/>. Now, the bit values export as you would expect.


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