Send a Subversion Change Log from a Hudson build

For some time, I wanted to send out a Subversion change log from Hudson after a successful build showing all of the changes since the last build. (This is something I think Hudson should support natively – you can see a change log via the UI.) After some research, I came across Using Groovy with Hudson to send rich text email posted by "Chetan".

This solution works like a champ and is recommended. Two points – 1) if you are using Subversion, see the comments for the email template code for displaying the subversion log in the email – the main template code is not for Subversion; 2) I had to change ${fileEntry.editType} which displayed an object reference to ${} to display whether the file was edited, added or deleted.


Cyber Security Links from March 2010 SW Engineering Notes

The following links were published in the March 2010 ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes in the "Surfing the Net for Software Engineering Notes" by Mark Doernhoefer. This issues topic was Cyber Security.


Douglas Crockford – Quality

A coworker pointed me to the following video: Quality Software Development by Yahoo Architect Douglas Crockford (181 MB). The presentation from from the Yahoo 2007 FrontEnd Engineering Summit (March 7-8, 2007).

Below are my notes of the slide titles.

  • The Software Crisis
  • Craft vs Engineering
  • Computer Science has not taught us how to manage software projects
  • Software Construction (Good and Bad Analogy)
  • Nature of Software
  • Programming is Difficult
  • Lack of Metrics
  • Lines of Code – not good
  • Programmers are optimists
  • Programmers do not understand how they spend their time
  • Actual time typing is pretty small
  • Skeptical of anything that requires more keystrokes
  • Programming is a social activity
  • Cost of Innovation
  • Legacy
  • Leaps (of productivity? software capability?)
  • Object Oriented Programming (History)
  • Failed Leaps
  • Software does not have enough self awareness to be afraid of bugs
  • Bugs
  • Snake Oil / Silver Bullets
  • Mythical Man Month (1975)
  • Literate Programming (Knuth)
  • Significant difference in individual ability
  • Surgical Team (Harlan Mills)
  • Incrementalism
  • Beta (Perpetually Unfinished)
  • Application triad (skill, technology, requirements)
  • Feature Cost
  • Code Value
  • Code Quality (Micro and Macro View)
  • Simplest thing to enhance value of codebase – make more readable
  • Yahoo Javascript coding convention
  • Programs are a medium of intentional communications
  • Good architecture – necessary structure to keep from collapsing
  • How do we change a correct program into another correct program?
  • Cruft – “Software Scar Tissue”
  • Causes of Cruft
  • Bloat – “Software Cancer”
  • Insecurity
  • Cruft accumulates -> complexity groups -> progress slows
  • Refactoring
  • Sometimes it is best to start over
  • The pain of the crash
  • The illusion of completion
  • An experienced team can cross that ground again very quickly
  • Conclusion


June 2010 mensming Twitter Posts

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