TestNG – Using Groups Example

One of the neat things about TestNG is the ability to annotate individual tests as belonging to zero or more groups. At execution time, it is possible to tell the test runner to run all tests in a particular group. In addition, tests in certain groups can be excluded so you can run all tests in a particular group except for those that are marked as broken.

The Apache Harmony project apparently uses TestNG. On their wiki, they describe their testing conventions for using groups. They have groups to identify tests that are operating system specific, processor architecture specific, feature specific, environment requirements, current state and test type. Worth checking out.


Facebook’s Lamp Stack

Many months ago, there was Slashdot posting regarding a video discussing how Facebook runs its LAMP stack. I finally got around to watching the video and it is worthwhile to view if you have an interest in how to run a high volume web site. In the video, Aditya Agarwal – Directory of Engineering at Facebook – describes the architecture and the lessons learned from scaling the site.

Recommended – view here.


May 2010 mensming Twitter Posts

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"Failing organizations are usually over-managed und under-led" – Warren G. Bennis
9:01 AM May 30, 2010

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6:58 AM May 30, 2010

"Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future." – Niels Bohr
9:51 AM May 29, 2010

When good enough is better – http://bit.ly/a9EQ89 #performance
12:41 PM May 28, 2010

RT @java: "Most APIs are like hospital gowns, they seem to provide good coverage until you turn around." –William Vambenempe
7:53 AM May 28, 2010

Why Twitter Is the Future of News – http://bit.ly/9E1PLo
7:11 AM May 26, 2010

Just finished reading ‘Next Generation Java Testing: TestNG and Advanced Concepts’ by Cedric Beust, Hani Suleiman http://amzn.to/9DkZWc
9:09 PM May 25, 2010

Computer Science Shows How "Twitter-Bombs" Wield Influence – http://bit.ly/dbCNH3
7:40 AM May 24, 2010

Just finished reading: ‘The Art of Community: Building the New Age of Participation’ by Jono Bacon (http://amzn.to/ddvFJN)
6:16 PM May 20, 2010

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7:25 AM May 20, 2010

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10:54 AM May 19, 2010

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7:02 AM May 18, 2010

IE6 past its expiration date, says Microsoft – http://bit.ly/cVOLHc
7:07 AM May 17, 2010

Google hiring 300 workers to pinpoint bugs in Google Maps – http://bit.ly/c3Qm9e
8:00 PM May 16, 2010

Carnegie Mellon Study of Twitter Sentiments Yields Results Similar to Public Opinion Polls – http://bit.ly/brhbWc
4:05 PM May 15, 2010

Scientists Seeking NSF Funding Will Soon Be Required to Submit Data Management Plans – http://bit.ly/aFYchS
8:05 AM May 14, 2010

Seattle has nation’s best economy – http://bit.ly/aUmm8f
6:52 AM May 13, 2010

RT @ourfounder: Tonight in Seattle I will speaking at QA SIG. Title: MetaQA – show them what QA really means. http://bit.ly/cEQXNt
6:10 PM May 12, 2010

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6:03 PM May 12, 2010

NSA’s boot camp for cyberdefense – http://bit.ly/9OhNYg
7:09 AM May 12, 2010

Linux machines linked to spam – http://bit.ly/9KFn6i
10:12 AM May 10, 2010

Microsoft Update keeps Office secure, says researcher – http://bit.ly/9XsxQL
8:00 AM May 7, 2010

Investigating converting from JUnit to TestNG…
12:19 PM May 6, 2010

Phishing "Education Test" is blocked…for phishing – http://bit.ly/a58bC4
8:25 AM May 6, 2010

Conenza comes out on top – introduces much anticipated evolved social platform for enterprises http://tinyurl.com/yckuww2
2:42 PM May 5, 2010

Twitter and the rise of data platforms – http://bit.ly/am8wdZ
7:56 AM May 4, 2010

Encrypt that data – A New Law Could Change the Way You Build Database Applications – http://bit.ly/9LTVzU
7:25 AM May 3rd

RT @QualityFrog: Like insurance, testing seems too expensive until you realize you didn’t have the needed kind at the right time.
6:59 AM May 2nd