Jason Baker’s Myths About Code Comments

Jason Baker wrote Myths About Code Comments. I like posts like this – they get me thinking about the assumptions I make in my day to day work.

In short, Jason says the following are myths:

  1. Comments are free
  2. Comments make code more readable
  3. You should comment every function, method, class, and module
  4. Code must always be "self documenting"

In particular, I think the first and second points are intimately related. Anything that goes into a product – documentation, code, comments, tests, etc. – is never free. Anything that goes into a product incurs not only the cost of initially creating but also the ongoing cost to keep up to date. If you avoid the ongoing cost by not keeping all items up to date, the result is that the code and the supplementary material diverge – which leads to the myth that comments make code more readable.


Accidental Correctness – Date Sorting…

I have written about accidental correctness before. I recently released a fix for an item that was "accidentally correct" for nearly a year.

Early last year, we released a new feature which used Lucene to index the entries. As part of the UI, the entries were displayed – newest entries first. Things worked great. Until the new year.

It turns out we were sorting not on the date but on the date string stored in Lucene. The string was in MM/DD/YYYY format. So, the entries that started with 12 were before 11, etc. All appeared correct. The newest entries were at the top. Then January came. All of a sudden, the newest entries were at the bottom of the list. Sigh.

Lesson re-learned: make sure your test dates span years.


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